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Maria Lozova – dancer, choreographer, performer, actress, choreography teacher. She graduated in choreography and contemporary dance from the Kharkov Academy of Culture and in ecology from the National Technical University Kharkiv Polytechnic. In Kharkiv she worked with the Vorobushek, Arabesques and Neft theaters, and danced in the productions “New Year’s Tararam”, “Love In Deep-Fried”, “Blue Bird”, among others. In Warsaw, she performed in the play “Як Bи? As in your place”, directed by Kamil Wawrzuta at Teatr Druga Strefa, and in the performance “Hear the Dance”, directed by Mateusz Wojcik. She choreographed the performance reading “Daughter” directed by Agnieszka Lipiec-Wróblewska at the Theater Institute. She is a scholarship holder of the Staromiejski Dom Kultury and the ZAiKS Authors Association, a resident of the Studio Theater as part of the Artistic Residencies program run by the Theater Institute. and author of the performance Dom in Gunia Nowik Gallery.
Until now, she has lived and worked in Kharkov. Her twenty-sixth birthday, which she had planned to celebrate at home with friends, was spent hiding from Russian air raids in the subway. Nine days later she evacuated to Warsaw.


2022 – dancer of the performance “Uslyszec Taniec”, Poland;
2022 – dancer at Dancers and Artists in Various Cultures Festival, Poland;
2022 – performer of the performance “How Are You” at the theater “Druga Strefa”, Poland;
2022 – performer of the “Hug Me” music video by Okean Elzy, IRA, Stokłosa Collective Orchestra, Poland;
2021 – 2022 – dancer at the “Miparti” show ballet, Ukraine, Turkey;
2020 – 2022 – performing artist at the “Neft” theater, performance “Apollo”; Ukraine, Poland.
2021 – dancer at the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Opening Ceremony, Qatar;
2020 – performer of the “Beg” music video by Treed, Ukraine;
2019 – dancer at the “Blue Bird” opera; Ukraine
2018 – dancer at the “Phoenix” show ballet at the “Water Cube” aquapark; China;
2018 – dancer at the “Love In Deep-Fried” musical; Ukraine
2018 – dancer at the “New Year’s Tararam” musical; Ukraine
2017 – dancer at the “Road to Broadway” musical; Ukraine
2014 – 2016, 2021 – performing artist at the “Vorobushek” theater; Ukraine
2022 – choreographer and performer of the performance “Home” at the Gunia Nowik Gallery, Poland
2022 – Old Town Culture House scholarship holder, Poland;
2022 – the ZAIKS scholarship holder, Poland;
2022 – resident of the Studio theater, Poland;
2022 – choreographer of the “Daughter” project, Poland;
2019 – 2022 – contemporary dance teacher at Tkachenko Ballet studio, Ukraine;
2017 – 2022 – choreographer at Kharkiv Sports School #11, Rhythmic Gymnastics class, Ukraine;
2020 – 2022 – choreographer at the Arabesques theater, Ukraine.